Sales and Management
Success in the marketplace involves careful planning and precise execution. Our management approach is all-inclusive from budgeting and forecasting, to promotions and trade spends.
With solid top level relationships, we provide unparalleled access to key decision makers. We encourage and welcome Principal participation in headquarter calls, and respect those that prefer our brokerage handle all aspects of the relationship.

Customer Service
We provide Principals and customers with accurate and timely communication from order entry and shipping, to invoicing and payment. By closely handling every part of the transaction, errors and deductions are minimized. 

Deduction Resolution
For manufacturers and retailers, deductions can be an inescapable revenue drain. Our role as broker is to identify and resolve discrepancies before they become problematic. 

Transport & Inventory Logistics
Bringing compelling products to market involves many moving parts: complicated lead-times, balancing inventory amid seasonal fluctuations, freight savings realized through order consolidation. From point of origin to the point of consumption we are here to coordinate and assist on all levels. 

Technical Expertise
    •    Skilled and adaptable to the latest technologies and social media trends.
    •    Adept in nutritional labeling and FDA regulatory compliance.
    •    Industry supply chain platforms and promotional management system proficiency (e.g. DemandTech/TradePoint, GT Nexus and proprietary customer portals).