Representing and continually sourcing products from around the world, our international brand portfolio encompasses products throughout Europe, The United Kingdom, South America, Asia and Australia. We have developed sophisticated methods to assist importers and retailers with the unique challenges associated with transcontinental logistics. The reward is exceptional access to a wide range of unique international specialty foods and confections.

We represent and are able to offer a full range of specialty snack foods and confections.
From seasonal, nostalgia, international, gourmet, novelty and bulk, to popcorn, cookies, crackers and pretzels, if it’s sweet or salty, we have developed the expertise that delivers results within this competitive category.

Natural / Organic
As consumer awareness continues to grow, this emerging segment is blending into all channels of trade.  We support suppliers and assist retailers in navigating this critical category.

Private Label
Working in concert with manufacturer and co-packer, we develop custom snack and confection programs for recognized national and regional retailers throughout the United States.

Our Principals
We represent a choice number of brands within our market and nationally.
Our Principals range from small batch producers to international manufacturers, importers, and distributors of specialty foods and confections. Contact us for more information regarding specific lines we represent.